Think Education is devoted to creating a new era of thinkers. We’re challenging the myopic and stereotypical thinking of the education system, and are rebuilding it to suit you and your future. The education revolution starts here.

Think Education encompasses 6 different colleges in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, ranging from short courses to bachelor degree-level courses across 3 faculties: Health, Hospitality and Design.

Think Education provides qualifications to tens of thousands of students with both on-campus face-to-face learning and online courses. The colleges which Think Education proudly represents include:

With over 100 years of combined history, Think colleges share a common heritage. At the core of Think’s approach is our 4 promises; everyone has a job they love, everyone chooses how and where they learn, everyone has an edge and everyone can change their world.

At Think Education, we challenge the myopic and stereotypical thinking of the traditional education system, and rebuild it to suit students and their futures. We believe in delivering an experience that empowers resilience, confidence and curiosity, where heads and hearts are aligned, instinctively bringing our students’ talents and abilities to life. We place equal value on theory and practice. We ensure our students are trained in the real world skills they need for success. And we give everyone a platform to change their world.

The education revolution starts here.

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